1st Day, Monday – September 4, 2017

8.00-9.00 – Registration
9.00-9.10 – Welcome and introduction by Elena Troubitsyna and Alexander Romanovsky.
9.10-10.20 – Miroslaw Malek. Predictive Analytics: a Shortcut to Dependable Computing (invited talk) – the slides of the presentation. Session chair: Alexander Romanovsky

10.20-10.40 – coffee

10.40-12.40Session on Modelling and specification. Session chair: Elena Troubitsyna
10.40-11.20 – Klaus Havelund and Rajeev Joshi. Modeling and Monitoring of Hierarchical State Machines in Scala
11.20-12.00 – Luke Martin and Alexander Romanovsky. Stochastic Activity Networks for the Verification of Knowledge Bases
12.00-12.40 – Swaib Dragule, Bart Meyers and Patrizio Pelliccione. A Generated Property Specification Language for Resilient Multirobot Missions: Run time adaptability and resilience

12.40-13.40 – lunch

13.40Session on Safety and security. Session chair: Alexander Romanovsky
13.40-14.20 – Yulai Zhou, Patrizio Pelliccione, Johan Haraldsson and Mafijul Islam. Improving Robustness of AUTOSAR Software Components with Design by Contract: A study within Volvo AB
14.20-15.00 – Henry Muccini and Mahyar Tourchi Moghaddam. A Cyber-Physical Space Operational approach for Crowd Evacuation Handling
15.00-15.40 – Inna Vistbakka, Elena Troubitsyna, Tuomas Kuismin and Timo Latvala. Co-engineering Safety and Security in Industrial Control Systems: a Formal Outlook

15.40-16.00 – coffee

Title: Different Perspectives of Resilience
Chair: Patrizio Pelliccione

  • Rajeev Joshi, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) – Pasadena, California
  • Jorge Cardoso, Huawei – Munich Germany
  • Miroslaw Malek, Università della Svizzera italiana (USi) – Lugano, Switzerland

2nd Day, Tuesday – September 5, 2017

8.00-9.00 – Registration
9.00-10.10 – Jorge Cardoso. Cloud Reliability: Decreasing outage frequency using fault injection (invited talk) – the slides of the presentation. Session chair: Elena Troubitsyna

10.10-10.30 – coffee

10.30Session on Fault tolerance, resilience and robustness. Session chair: Henry Muccini
10.30-11.10 – Irum Rauf and Elena Troubitsyna. Towards a Model-Driven Security Assurance of Open Source Components
11.10-11.50 – Rem Gensh, Ashur Rafiev, Fei Xia, Alexander Romanovsky and Alex Yakovlev. Modelling for Systems with Holistic Fault Tolerance
11.50-12.30 – Marcin Kubacki and Janusz Sosnowski. Holistic Processing and Exploring Event Logs

12.30-13.30 – lunch

13.30-14.50Session on Software. Session chair: Patrizio Pelliccione
13.30-14.10 – Petter Sainio Berntsson, Lars Strandén and Fredrik Warg. Evaluation of Open Source Operating Systems for Safety-Critical Applications
14.10-14.50 – Hayley Borck, Paul Kline, Hazel Shackleton, John Gohde, Steven Johnston, Perry Alexander and Todd Carpenter. 100 Years of Software – Adapting Cyber-Physical Systems to the Changing World

14.50-15.10 – SERENE WG
15.10-15.20 – Workshop close

15.20 – coffee

See the EDCC 2017 programme for the information on a followup visit to the Botanical Garden and a Welcome cocktail.