Prof. Paola Inverardi

Paola Inverardi

Paola Inverardi is a professor at University of L’Aquila, where she has been since 1994. From 2013 to 2019 she is Rector of University of L’Aquila. Her research interests are in the application of rigorous methods to software production in order to improve software quality. Her research interests mainly concentrated in the field of software architectures, automatic synthesis of connectors for heterogeneous systems, adaptive (mobile) systems. She has received a Honorary Doctorate in computer science at Mälardalen University Sweden and a Honorary Doctorate in engineering at Shibaura University, Tokio Japan. She has received the 2013 IEEE TCSE Distinguished Service Award. She is member of Academia Europea.

Ethics and Privacy in Autonomous Systems: A software exoskeleton to empower the user

Abstract: Software systems are increasingly autonomous in making decisions on behalf of potential users. In these systems, the power of self goes beyond the ability of substituting human agents operating on software systems and exceeds the system boundaries invading the user prerogatives.
Privacy and ethical issues are at the top of the research agenda in (big) data management and AI, that offer a wide range of techniques often used as key (black box) components of autonomous systems. In this talk I discuss these issues from the software system’s developer perspective that uses such black box components and outline a new approach based on a partially synthesized software architecture that adapts the system to the user privacy and ethical preferences and empowers the user through a software exoskeleton.