Call for papers

September 29-30, 2011
Geneva, Switzerland

Unprecedented level of complexity of modern software makes it difficult to ensure its resilience –an ability of the system persistently deliver its services in the trustworthy way even when facing changes. Yet we are observing the increasingly pervasive use of software in such critical infrastructures as transportations, health care, energy production etc. Such a trend could lead to devastating accidents unless the research community develops powerful methods for assuring resilience of software-intensive systems. The SERENE 2011 workshop provides a forum for researchers and practitioners to exchange reports on advances in all areas relevant to this challenge, including, but not limited to:

  • Modelling of resilience properties: formal & semi-formal techniques
  • Requirements, software engineering & re-engineering for resilience
  • Verification and validation of resilient systems
  • Resilience prediction and experimental measurement
  • Error, fault and exception handling in the software life-cycle
  • Frameworks, patterns and software architectures for resilience
  • Resilience at run-time: metadata, mechanisms, reasoning and adaptation
  • Engineering of self-healing autonomic systems
  • Quantitative approaches to ensuring resilience
  • CASE tools for developing resilient systems

Papers will be evaluated by the Programme Committee according to their originality, significance, soundness, quality of presentation and relevance with respect to the main issues of the workshop.

There are 3 categories of paper:

  • Regular papers not exceeding 15 pages including appendices using Springer LNCS format.
  • Experience/Industry papers not exceeding 15 pages describing practitioner experience or case studies, addressing the application domain and lessons learned.
  • Short papers not exceeding 6 pages that include the following categories:
    • Discussion papers: Papers describing work in progress or novel ideas in engineering of resilient systems.
    • Project papers: Papers describing goals and results of ongoing projects related to SERENE
    • Tool papers: Papers presenting new tools or new versions of the existing tools that support the development of resilient systems.