Call for papers

15-16 April 2010
Birkbeck College (London, United Kingdom)

You can download the Call For Papers here.

As society’s dependence on complex software systems increases, so does the need for methods and tools that ensure resilience to faults, errors and malicious attacks. Modern open and distributed architectures are able to adapt to harmful events. However, the engineering of systems that exploit flexibility while remaining predictable is a challenge that demands attention from scientists and engineers across domains. The SERENE 2010 Workshop provides a forum for researchers and practitioners to exchange reports on advances in all areas relevant to this challenge, including, but not limited to:

Modelling of resilience properties: formal & semi-formal techniques
Requirements, software engineering & re-engineering for resilience
Verification and validation of resilient systems
Resilience prediction and experimental measurement
Error, fault and exception handling in the software life-cycle
Frameworks, patterns and software architectures for resilience
Resilience at run-time: metadata, mechanisms, reasoning and adaptation
Engineering of self-healing autonomic systems
CASE tools for developing resilient systems

We welcome relevant contributions in the following forms:

Technical papers describing original theoretical or practical work; advanced “work in progress” papers may also be considered.

Experience/Industry papers describing practitioner experience or case studies, addressing the application domain and lessons learned.

PhD Forum papers describing objectives, methodology, and results at an early stage in research. Special sessions will provide an opportunity to discuss PhD work and obtain constructive advice from experienced advisors.

Project papers: Short papers describing goals and results of ongoing projects related to SERENE topics are welcome.

Tool papers: Papers presenting new tools or new versions of the existing tools that support the development of resilient systems.